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Located in Beautiful Jacksonville Florida

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Services Offered

Share Drafts * Savings Accounts * Visa Credit Card * Loans * Payroll Deduction * Direct Deposit ACH
* Christmas Club Accounts * Free Notary Service * IRA Accounts * New & Used Car Guides * Optional Life and Disability Insurance * ATM * Credit Counseling * Cashier Drafts * Certificates of Deposit * Mortgage Loans * Visa Credit Union Credit Cards * Credit Union Cashier Drafts * ATM Cards Universal System * Cancer Insurance *
* Automobile Cost Guides * Member Paid Temporary Disability and Credit Life Insurance.

Member's accounts will be debited for drafts ordered and printed by third party vendor.

Unlimited use of Checking Accounts.  |   No per item charge.

Checking accounts that are abusive because of NSF items will be closed.
All unsatisfactory checking accounts will be reported to the Credit Bureau.